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John Laub is a faith-based motivational speaker known for delivering powerful and inspiring messages to his audiences. John has a unique ability to bring to life stories that are filled with real world examples, allowing his message of hope and resilience to deeply resonate with listeners.

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John Laub’s experience as a faith-based motivational speaker and coach has been extremely valuable in motivating people to achieve the life they desire. John speaks from his own experiences with the help of God, drawing from scripture to illustrate how we should live our lives. 

He also provides practical tools to help his audience apply what they have heard into their daily lives. John draws upon his vast spiritual knowledge and extensive educational accomplishments to provide real-world solutions for more intentional living and success in all aspects of life.

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Clarity in your purpose and objectives: Get clear and specific goals that will change your life and push your growth.

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New confidence will help you break through limitations as coaching gives new tools to help empower and inspire others.

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Your energy will be renewed when you are held accountable in reaching your physical goals that will bring you to your best.


Taking inventory on your emotions and relationships so you can develop the courage to expand your passion for others.


Guidance by John that will increase the accountability on reaching your goals.

spiritual awakening

Develop habits that will help you handle adversity and propel you to a higher level.

self development

Get that data you need to skyrocket yourself into success.


Find out what you need to improve to take your business to the next level.

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John is passionate about his work and strives to ensure that his clients get the best possible outcomes by equipping them with the right tools along the journey. He understands the benefits of having someone alongside you encouraging growth, so his focus is on helping guide each individual with tailored strategies and positive support in order to achieve their desired goals.

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happy students

Sarah F.

John Laub's motivational speaking has truly been a blessing in my life. Thanks to John, I found a renewed spiritual connection with God and this enabled me to take control of my own destiny. After opening up to John's messages, I was able to create a stronger sense of purpose in my life that positively affected the way I managed my business. My motivation for working towards success was renewed, which allowed me to grow and expand the business beyond its previous capacity. It also gave me a better understanding of how every single decision counts when it comes to achieving success. John is an incredible teacher who helped me discover the power within myself so that I could reach further than ever before; for this I will forever be grateful.

Aleksandr O.

John Laub's courses have provided me with the knowledge and skills I need to turn my life around - both personally and professionally. After taking John's multiple courses, I was able to increase my income tenfold. Prior to John's courses, I never felt that I could make enough money to support myself, but John's motivational speaking gave me the spark of motivation and dedication needed for me to finally make a substantial living. John Laub empowered me with the confidence and the skills necessary for me to achieve financial success.

Christin J

I was never one to take my faith and the relationship it had with my business seriously until John Laub came into the picture. John has a unique ability to look at the abstract and bring it down to earth in a way that motivated me not only to think about how faith complemented my business but actually implement those values into my everyday interactions. I'm very grateful for John's guidance on this matter, as without him my business would not have had the success it has today.

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    John’s services are tailored to individual needs and lead the way for continual personal growth. Whether it’s starting or managing career opportunites, developing relationships, or taking steps toward living a healthier lifestyle, John has the skillset necessary to help you pursue your goals and flourish in all areas of life. Taking advantage of John’s services gives oneself the resources they need to reach their highest potential.